Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Sorry Not Sorry For Your Loss

His first military death, one and he's done

Just when you think Trump cannot fuck things up more. For 12 days he ignored the 4 fallen soldiers ambushed by insurgents in Niger. He tweeted about everything else but not them. He played golf and gave speeches but never mentioned the troops that he claims to support.

After being called out about it by the media he stumbled with excuses saying he wrote, will write will or maybe has sent out letters and that phoning the families is difficult and is also a hit and miss thing. Bush and Obama never phoned all the families. 

So yes he did make it about himself and the hardships of dealing with emotional people then blame shifted ... the usual Trump crap.

 Look at those smug Kushners, why do they still have security clearances? 

Remember his first military death? William “Ryan”Owens a navy SEAL killed 9 days into Trump's administration. Killed in a cluster fuck of an op in Yemen. Trump rolled out the widow who was still visibly grieving and spoke about her husband and how he would be happy cos he's getting a standing ovation and great ratings.

Old Knudsen was disgusted but his supporters refused to see that any of it was inappropriate, just like the pussy grabbing talk. Like angry teens they lash out and blame something on Hillary rather than face the issue of them being wrong and Trump being morally bankrupt and probably compromised by Putin.

Military are killed all the time, it happens. It's a sad and tragic loss every time though. The tragedy was made worse by the silence of their commander in chief. That fucker tweeted about everything and whined about not getting enough TV and too many negative news stories about.

As these soldiers with no backup came under fire from 50 insurgents do you think they thought, 'could be worse I could be in a Twitter feud or something?' 

They were out in the real world facing real world shit not tweeting on the toilet like a spoiled toddler.     
It is just heartbreaking 

Myeshia Johnson the pregnant widow of  Sgt La David Johnson was in a car with her Democrat congresswoman Frederica Wilson. They took a 5 minute call from Trump. Johnson still in shock obviously she could only listen to the president. During his little ramble he said:   

"But you know he must have known what he signed up for"

Johnson was able to just say a "Thank you" at the end of the call but Wilson wanted to cuss him out. Sgt Johnson from Miami-Dade county Florida is a hero and Wilson made sure that people knew it. 

General Kelly lost his son Robert in Afghanistan in 2010. He did not want too much media coverage because he knew that others had lost loved ones too and his loss was just as bad but not greater solely because he's a General. 

That's called leadership and dignity. 

After Trump went on the defensive about not phoning the families he blamed Obama. He said that Obama never phoned General Kelly when his son died ... yes he used General Kelly's dead son to score points. 

As per protocol I'm sure that Obama did phone Robert's spouse Heather. So as usual Trump is technically right but it's also a bit of a lie too. 

Some think that Kelly should resign over this. Old Knudsen has a big question mark over Kelly's integrity since he didn't resign over the Nazi enabling and several other things. I bet Kelly justifies it all by saying that he is keeping the world safe by not letting Trump near the launch codes. 

Sorry for your loss but shit happens, have to go my shows are coming on, have a good time.  

In the military depending what regiment you are in there is the chance you might be killed. You have to give that some thought before you join. There is also the chance that you might have to kill. Something else you have to think about. 
You don't want to do either but if a war comes you don't want to have to go AWOL in Canada to avoid it because you just wanted to play soldier for a while to get money for college.   

You don't sign up to be killed that isn't in the contract. You sign up to serve. Sometimes learning a trade or to get money for college is a motivation or you are just looking for adventure. Many times it's to be a part of something greater something noble. You sure won't get rich being a grunt. 

I hope that Trump's lack of leadership, his lack of empathy and all round disrespect to those who serve gets through to some of his supporters. 

Did he say this to the others grieving widows or did he just save it for the black one? 

We've heard what he's said about captured POW's he has no use for them. He also has no use for dead soldiers either unless it's to get ratings from their grieving widows. 

Trump is a cowardly, selfish bully who has spent his 71 years on Earth only thinking about himself. He only has a use for people if he can use them to score points off others or to get something else. 

He used his own son to appear the victim when Kathy Griffin took a picture of a fake Trump head covered in ketchup. Barron was just happy that Trump remembered he had a younger son. Family values are important says the man who spends every weekend away from his 11 year-old son.  

Then using Kelly's dead son to blame Obama. 

History will not look back on the Trump admin favorably. Is scoring points against the left really worth your self respect, dignity and nation?  

Red Summer

In Louisiana they are trying to reduce the amount of people they incarcerate in their prisons. They are releasing some inmates early. 

Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator held a press conference to denounce this move but not for the reasons you'd think. Bearing in mind that in the US black men are 5 times more likely to be imprisoned than white and in a few states that goes up to 10 times. 

White people argue how police shoot white people just as much as blacks in order to belittle any cries of racism or police brutality but the incarceration figures sure speak of discrimination to me. African-Americans make up 72% of Louisiana's prison population. 

Prator complained that any "bad" ones released might be a menace to society .... yeah ok, that sounds reasonable. He then went on to say that "In addition to the bad ones -- in addition to them, they are releasing some good ones that we use every day to wash cars, to change the oil in our cars, to cook in the kitchen."

So let me get this straight, he wants to keep the good black men in prison because he can get work out of them. Who is gonna clean the police cars for fucks sake? I'm sure there is a word for that but I can't quite remember it. I heard it on Roots ... nope it's gone. 

These words and this attitude from Prator brings me to something similar almost 100 years ago. 

In World War One, 380,000 blacks enlisted in the US military to go and fight the Germans. Many of them thought that by joining the segregated army they'd earn some respect back home.

Americans love veterans, they keep thanking them for their service and raising the issue of vet homelessness every time refugees are mentioned. Don't stand for the flag? How dare you insult the military .... wait what? 

Known as the Great White Chief 

Senator James K Vardaman of Mississippi said "Once you impress the negro with the fact that he is defending the flag and inflate his untutored soul with military airs" ... it was a slippery slope to his political rights being respected.

Vardaman was a Democrat. I must point out how Democrat and Republican attitudes have changed in the last couple of centuries. A Democrat now is a different beast to the ones back then. Remember that Lincoln was one of the founders of the Republican party.

Vardaman was a total white Supremacist. When Booker T Washington dined with President Roosvelt at the White House Vardaman said  that the White House was "so saturated with the odor of the nigger that the rats have taken refuge in the stable" ... yeah he was a keeper alright.

Another white guy in politics that never served in the military. The US is always at war so there is always the opportunity to serve your cuntry. 

Vardaman did indeed help whip the white nationalists supremacists into a frenzy and in 1919, 20 cities across the US had race riots and lynchings, this was known as the Red Summer.

There was also  Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer who believed that blacks were more susceptible to the influence of Communists and anarchists because of their subservient status and proceeded to do what is known as the Palmer Raids during the first of the Red Scares.

Woodrow Wilson

A US president that never served in the military, loved the ladies, golfing and was aggressive towards Mexico. Also he was bigoted against immigrants and a total racist .... luckily times have improved and a cunt like that would never get into office these days.

Woodrow Wilson #28 said, "Black American soldiers were being treated as equals by the French, and it has gone to their heads."

Immigrants from Italy were from the lowest class and a meaner sort and those from Hungary and Poland were stupid and lazy. So this cunt was an all round hater. He later had to back pedal on these remarks and apologize, probably when the elections came around. 

The violence and lynchings upset him as he was worried about how it would look internationally. Like modern day Nazis Wilson did get sucker punched by African-American leader named William Monroe Trotter as Afican-Americans had been tricked into voting for him as he was touted as being the second Lincoln. 

Only one African-American was awarded the Medal of Honor in WWI. Cpl Freddie Stowers led an assault on German trenches despite being wounded twice. He died from his wounds and his Medal of Honor nomination was "misplaced" and in 1991 George HW Bush presented it to his 2 sisters 73 years after he had died. 

The UK also has its forgotten black heroes of WWI.  

After Stowers there was an investigation and 6 African Americans were posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor with Vernon Baker being the only living recipient for WWII. 

Even though black soldiers had fought for their cuntry in WWI and were treated even more like shite when they returned home 1.2 million enlisted for WWII. 

Still segregated the black soldiers and sailors were only allowed to do grunt work and cleaning jobs. You had to get special permission to be allowed to risk your life for your cuntry. The Tuskegee Airmen, The 761st Tank Battalion and the The 452nd Anti-Aircraft Artillery battalion. 

General Patton looking important

In 1944 during the Battle of the Bulge the Germans kept killing the white troops which was very uncool so General Eisenhower kindly allowed 2000 black servicemen volunteers to serve in segregated platoons under the command of white lieutenants to replenish these companies. 

The overall majority of white soldiers and officers that served with them spoke highly of their valor and abilities but at the end of the war they were returned to non-combat roles again. 

President Harry S. Truman may have used the words nigger and kikes in his everyday language but in 1948 he desegregated the US military. 

Those African-American troops that returned after WWII sound found out that the GI bill was constructed in a way that did not help them. More violence erupted, sometimes it's the only option, Nelson Mandela, MLK jr and even Gandhi knew this.  Be peaceful but don't stop others being violent on your behalf.

From interacting with Europeans during WWII the African-Americans did see that they were equal to any white person and deserved basic human rights too. This sense of rightful entitlement that we take for granted was new to them but it helped go on to spark the US civil rights era.  

Trump and Pence would demand you stand for the national anthem and demand that you show respect ... their version of respect. Kim Jong Un demands you cry on cue at the funeral for his dead father. Putin demands you show respect for the statues of Stalin. 

The Constitution gives Americans freedom of speech, expression and peaceful protest, it is un-American to force people to give that up just because you don't like or agree with it. 

Some people mistakenly thing that free speech is the right to make others listen to you but it isn't. 

Racism is still a big thing in the world, not just against blacks. However in the US it has been one of those things that lost steam when Martin Luther King jr was murdered. It has been ignored and not talked about for fear of appearing racist for merely talking about it. 

The incarceration rates speaks of a larger problem. The overwhelming white glow of the government speaks of a larger problem. Perhaps US police should just try to stop shooting all people, grow some balls for fucks sake. 

I've found that it's mostly white people that complain about the racism that they don't get or have never had to live with. Fox News does manage to find a few tokens that think they are white. How you you defeat the Apache? ... you use Apaches to track em down. 

No matter what color you are if it's wrong you must speak out against it. Sexual assault, sexism, sectarianism, homophobia you must never allow racism and bigotry to become normal or everyday. 

Master race reporting in

People have served and died for the freedom to kneel in protest. They have blown the inferior race crap out of the water by serving with honor and valor.  

You tell Captain Frederick Clinton Branch of the USMC who received a bachelor's degree in physics that he's inferior to some Confederate flag loving cousin fucking trailer dweller that don't reed too gud that's he's inferior to him based on skin pigmentation. 

It is a slippery slope releasing the "good" prisoners, helping Puerto Ricans survive a hurricane, letting Transgender people serve in the military. Before you know it their political rights being respected ... good. 

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Harvey Wankstain

Just how blind is Hollywood? Harvey Weinstein has been groping, raping, wanking and making demands on up and coming actresses for 30 years. Look at the news now and nobody in Hollywood knew. Some say they heard rumors but that's just rumors.

All the stars today have worked with a sex offender but you ignore the rumors and just make your movie, actors are good at make believe... :::shrug::: it's a part of the business and those perks of watching Weinstein wank into a potted plant is why the dames get paid less than men, all the blokes get is a few more million dollars.

Remember when Hollywood had to pretend all the gay guys were straight?  Liberace was ghey? That was a shock for Matt Damon ... should have read the whole script before accepting.

Everyone and their dog has worked with Woody Allen. Old Knudsen has never liked him or his films, I thought he was supposed to be funny and intelligent? Ach do a shot every time someone says they have issues with intimacy and you'll get through them.

Allen says he is sad about Harvey Weinstein ... to put it another way he feels sorry for him. Of course he had to say about all those poor women but that we shouldn't go on a witch hunt like when some guy winks at a woman or some dude molests his children and marries an adopted one ... yeah witch hunts would be wrong! They ruined poor Bill Cosby's career. 

Ben Affleck is blind because Weinstein was a shock to him (it wasn't really he knew) it was also a shock to Matt Damon. Affleck only groped those ladies because he was looking for his career. Reindeer Games and Jersey Girl???? ... WeinStein was fucking you over dude.

Steven Seagal is .... Above the law ... straight to DVD near you from Friday

As mentioned before on this blog Steven Seagull settled his sexual harassment cases out of court and then went to Russia where he can touch weemen up all day as Russian weemen know their place and Seagull is one of those traitor types ... anything to annoy Americans eh Putin?

People are just remembering all the abusers, an actress even accused most of the cast of ER of getting her blackballed. It's hard to know who to believe. If you don't believe the woman you get called a part of the problem.
Some Chinese person on Twitter wanted me to Retweet the story of a Chinese billionaire living in New York who they said raped a 28 year-old Chinese woman. She escaped to the Chinese embassy  while in London and got back to China.
She wants $140 million in compensation and China wants him back to face trial ... not at all because he exposed some high level government fraud and made some powerful enemies. It all sounds very contrived, trying to make the US expel him for being a criminal etc. 

He has applied for asylum but will these convenient charges derail that? 

It's annoyed me, not just the likes of Meryl Streep but all the blokes rushing out to condemn WeinStein before whoever they themselves groped or hassled gets their story out.

Actors are supposed to study people, you'd think they be able to read Weinstein in the first 5 minutes. Perhaps they missed the awkward Gwyneth Paltrow segment on Letterman in 1998 or maybe they missed the red carpet Comedy's Central's 2005 when Courtney Love advised young actresses to not go if invited to a private Harvey Weinstein party.

He has to be a master bater manipulator as many of the ladies he assaulted went back to work on more movies with him.

Hairy Wankstain is doing his Mea culpa talking about therapy for sex addiction if that even really exists. He's 65 that's like expecting Donald Trump at 71 to stop being Putin's cock holster and to become presidential ... if they haven't changed by now they never will.   

Monday, 16 October 2017

Iran's Hidden Nukes

We know that North Korea tried to help Syria build a nuclear reactor but are they helping Iran? We haven't seen Ri Man-gon or Kim Rak-gyom recently, North Korea's two main "Rocketmen" ... yeah I doubt they are in Iran as that place is doing fine on its own and doesn't even want nukes.

When you are crazy and don't mind a bit of slaughter you don't need nukes to act the big man. The two NK rocketmen are probably working on Kim Jong-Un's rockets as he must have used all his up in the Trump pissing contest.

What's that, a Japanese plane? A fly by in honor of me no doubt, why is it getting closer? 

Perhaps they are preparing a "special" rocket for when Trump visits Japan in November, that would be nice.

Iran have had a nuclear reactor for a while now, in fact it was the first civilian nuclear power plant built in the Middle East and was officially opened in 2011.

The Iranian deal limits Iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions being lifted. There was also a payment of  $400 million which GOP loud mouths go on about as much as Benghazi and e-mails.

That $400 mil was a payment the Shah of Iran made just before his 1979 eviction. The US was to sell him weapons but after the revolution they just held onto the money ... which was paid in many different foreign currencies like Swiss francs and Euros.  The Iranians wanted $12 billion so not the bad deal that Trump keeps saying it was.

The deal was reached with Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States. If you read the news you'd think it was only America that did it. All his talk about walking away from it will only hurt the US as Iran and many other nations stand by the deal.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei explained the whole "Death to America" thing by saying: 

"Obviously by 'Death to America', we don't mean death to the American people. The American nation is just like the rest of the nations. It ... means death to U.S. policies and its arrogance."

The US would never say death to a nation ... well perhaps destroy a nation with fire and fury but North Korea are asking for it am I right? 

Tom Cotton enjoying Lollapalooza

You want a plot twist? The only people worried about Iran are Trump and the semi-retarded Senator Tom Cotton. They want you to be afraid. Cotton because he's a dick who wants attention and Trump because it stops you talking about Russia and gets you off his back for throwing kitchen roll to disaster victims which he still doesn't see what the problem was.

Kendall Jenner stopped a riot with Pepsi, heads up losers think fast!

He can't goad NK right now as Tillerson is trying to undo some damage in the far east so he picks on the other traditional bad guy, no not Albania ... though they have been very quiet lately, a little too quiet.  

Think about this, if Iran was up to shit and were trying to enrich weapons grade uranium would Israel be waiting around for the US to do something? The US might be the most powerful nation in the world but that doesn't mean it has the best military. 

They can't do covert missions without a helicopter or heli-plane braking down and the navy is in a sorry state of repair and is overworked. Morale is at an all time low. 

Israel didn't think the US was tough enough when it did Operation Orchard which destroyed a secret nuke facility in Syria in 2007 but before that there was Operation Opera which destroyed a nuclear reactor under construction in Iraq in 1981. 

The Iranians actually tried to blow it up in an airstrike in 1980 with Operation Scorch Sword but only damaged it a little. 

Israel are tough mean motherfuckers and have far better HUMINT in the sand box than their US counterparts. 

If Iran was a nuclear danger right now or even thought about warheads then Israel would attack. Of course attacking them is way more dangerous than Syria or Iraq which is why they haven't. 

A war with Iran would unite other Arabs with Iran and they would certainly bomb back. Military action in Israel is difficult to get. The 1981 bombing of Iraq was a struggle to get approved. You have to have the overall agreement of the cabinet first and Netanyahu doesn't have the backing of many of the national security elite.    

Also a deal with the US is in Israel's best interest. While Netanyahu doesn't like it the ones with the power to veto do.  

It's a more moderate government in Iran now ... still assholes but ones that can mostly be reasoned with. 

Trump is playing into the hands of the hardliners that are always on the edge waiting to seize power in Iran. The raghead versions of Tom Cotton. 

Cotton thinks Iran is on its knees because it accepted the deal and thinks you should crush them into the ground as soon as you see weakness. He's been to war and didn't learn a fucken thing. If he wasn't a Senator he'd be hoarding guns and fertilizer.   

The hardliners want nothing better than the US to break its word. We all know Trump is gagging to destroy it as Obama set it up but is he willing to go to war over it? I doubt it. 

Any excuse or insult at Iran is a reason for some hardliners to keep playing games of tag and chicken in the Strait of Hormuz with western boats. 

Iran doesn't have any hidden nukes and Trump is playing a dangerous game like he is with North Korea. It's really bad when the despots and dictators become the ones you rely on to keep a cool head for world peace. 

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Plan To Assassinate Kim Jong Un Revealed

US Special forces on exercise in South Korea

Sources at the Pentagon and at the British ministry of defense have both confirmed a secret plan to assassinate Kim Jong Un in order to prevent World War III. 

Due to International security I can't tell you much about Operation Rocketman except that the USS Tuscon, a nuclear submarine will be submerged 3 miles west of Kuwolsan which is 74 miles south west of Pyongyang.

On the next moonless night which luckily is on a Friday (best day for ratings) the Tuscon will disrupt all electronic signals and 2 Black Hawk helicopters with Blue Pulse stealth technology will fly from the USS Nimitz which will have just arrived from the Persian Gulf.

US Delta Force and British SAS will be on board, code named strike teams Alpha and Omega.

The best of British!

I can't say much but Omega will be led by Sergeant Henry 'Henno' Garvie of the SAS while Alpha will be led by Major Scott McCoy of Delta Force who is in charge of the op.

Landing 10 miles north of Sunan airport they'll move 5 miles on foot to the Ryongsang Residence which as everyone knows is the luxury compound in Pyongyang that Kim and his family live in.

Omega team goes into overwatch and guards the exit route while Alpha does the search and destroy.

Soldiers loyal to former air force general Ri Pyong Chol will let the teams in through the maze of security and Kim Jong Un and his sister Kim Yo Jong are to be eliminated, photos and DNA swabs taken.
The First lady Ri Sol-Ju and their 3 children removed to make the transition of power to General Ri Pyong Chol smoother.

Not average North Koreans these are American Delta Force in disguise 

When the teams depart Major McCoy and two of his best operators will travel by car to the South Korean border with Ri Sol-Ju and the children. They'll be paraded on the TV denouncing Kim Jong Un and thanking their rescuers .

It's a risky operation and also depends on General Kelly hiding President Trump's phone so he doesn't tweet clues and details. 

A deleted tweet

If anything goes wrong on the mission B-1B bombers, B-52 bombers and F-35B stealth fighters are prepared to level the whole country. A prototype B-2B Bomber will drop a SCOAB (second cousin of all bombs) on Pyongyang. The 2nd battalion aerial recon division will live stream the bombing on Fox News to get the best ratings.

Obama never understood war, he was all into his secret proxy war fighting Assad when he should have been fighting ISIS, he never got good ratings.

Major McCoy and Sgt Garvie are expected to get book deals from the mission and to end up hated by their peers as they become Fox News contributors. 


Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Hurricane Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein was in Time magazine's 2012, 100 Most Influential People in the World. The Oscar winning producer and studio executive co-founded Miramax and had his own film studio The Weinstein Company with his brother Bob.

In the 80's he raised money for Amnesty International putting them on the map in the US. He has an  honorary OBE from the Queen and was made a knight of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres for his significant contributions to the arts.

He's been active on issues such as poverty, AIDS, Juvenile diabetes, Multiple sclerosis and has fought for gun control and universal healthcare .... because he cares.

A big time donor to the Democratic party he's supported Hillary, John Kerry and even hosted a fundraiser for Obama.

He's also been a fan and supporter of Woody Allen and Roman Polanski questioning if what the latter had done were even crimes at all ... is having anal sex with a drugged 13 year-old really a crime? 

Weinstein is a serial sex offender. From numerous accounts he has sexually harassed Ashley Judd, Mira Sorvino, Rosanna Arquette, Rose McGowan, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Asia Argento, numerous employees and assistants. So far he has assaulted 13 women and raped 3 of them.

He has said that his behavior was bad and that he's getting help for it. Not good enough. He was fired from his company and his second wife is divorcing him. The fucker needs to do jail time too.

Wealthy well known abusers can get away with things for decades because of their money, power and influence. Sir Jimmy Savile is thought to have abused and raped up to 1,000 victims, he was knighted by the Queen and the Pope and raised millions for charity. His influence was such that police inquiries didn't go anywhere until his death.

Like Savile, Weinstein's abuse was an open secret. Some knew, some had heard rumors and some were in the dark. When Weinstein got Gwyneth Paltrow into his hotel room and made unwelcome advances to her she told her then boyfriend Brad Pitt who confronted Weinstein. Looks like he got over it though.

Quentin Tarantino who has made many of his films with Weinstein including Inglourious Basterds has been pretty much silent. 

Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep, Judi Dench and GlennClose have been some of those condemning Weinstein as have George Clooney, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck, Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Slater, James Gunn, Kevin Smith, Julianne Moore, Seth Rogan, Brie Larson, Leonardo DiCaprio and more.

It was suggested that Russel Crowe and Matt Damon got a Weinstein story shut down. Damon denies this as he didn't know the story was about Weinstein, he was phoning the reporter to give his own professional experiences about someone he had worked with on the Talented Mr Ripley. Weinstein had asked him to do so. Sharon Waxman the reporter backs up Damon's account. 

 Project Green Light 

Damon said that he was unaware of the allegations and would have spoken out had he known. Ben Affleck has also said he was unaware too ... Rose McGowan has said she had spoke to Affleck about Weinstein previously and told the Batman to fuck off. I wonder if Ben knows about his own brother lol. 

Colin Firth said it well: "Weinstein was a powerful and frightening man to stand up to, It must have been terrifying for these women to step up and call him out. And horrifying to be subjected to that kind of harassment. I applaud their courage."

Sex offenders Liberal or Conservative are evil, you don't get to pick and choose.

Yes there are a lot of two faced people in Hollywood. These actors that will work with Polanski or Woody Allen because of their alleged genius and gush on at what an honor it is. 

I can understand having to work with Weinstein as he has connections all over Hollywood and chances are you'll not meet him but to fly to Europe where Polanski is in exile to escape US arrest???

Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Whoopi Goldberg, Tilda Swinton and strangely enough Asia Argento have all defended Polanski.

Kate Winslett has worked with Allen and Polanski and has said, "As the actor in the film, you just have to step away and say, I don’t know anything, really, and whether any of it is true or false. Having thought it all through, you put it to one side and just work with the person."
Convenient huh? 

These abusers use their power to make or break careers. A young actress starting out would want to turn him down but not in a way to make him go after you. It explains why some on the list of those he harassed seemed to suddenly drop from fame.  
Blokes in the acting world would overlook it because it wasn't them having the trouble or they'd excuse it as locker room talk. 

I don't want to hear about how sad people are after it's come out and it's safe. I want them to condemn it while it's happening and to pass on any donations to charity like some Democrat politicans have done. 

I want blokes to beat the snot out of cunts like Weinstein and Polanski so they know that this shit isn't acceptable. Not in our name!

I certainly do not want these sex offenders to become head of the most powerful nation in the world. 


Tuesday, 10 October 2017

What We Aren't Talking About

Dear Boris in Moscow, our mutual friends at Fort Meade (the NSA) have been particularly active so I've set up this back channel so we can have private discussions about adoptions and other innocent things and certainly not repealing the Magnitsky Act .... oh no, that's a nothing burger wink wink. You can reach me on or my wife on

Why is the fact that Jared Kushner, Cohn, Bannon, Miller, Priebus and Ivanka all using private e-mail for White House business not a big story getting talked about non-stop? They were told by security experts not to but did it anyways cos rich people know better.

Is it because that while it's a stupid thing to do it's only evil and malicious when Hillary does it? Her e-mails were about eating children and setting up more attacks like Benghazi as it makes her wet.

No not really but there is an obvious hypocrisy and that's why Liberals fail, they can't get angry and bent out of shape over every little thing. Where are the angry Liberals WRITING IN CAPS????LOCK EM UP!!!!

The Bush admin deleted 22 million e-mails about the wars of terror but no one cares. Fucken libtard stoners huh, no motivation. They get annoyed and then get the munchies.

 He's so funny and friendly he reminds me of my daddy. 

Harvey Weinstein admitted to sexually harassing female employees and the right cheered! For so long they've had to endure the sex offenders on Fox News and in the White House but now a Hollywood leftie elite does it too .... yay for liberal sexual harassment they say. 

Oh you liberals are all quiet now .... well except for all those condemning him of course but but BENGHAZI! 4 dead Americans and it's on you Liberals and Hillary an shit. What happened ... BENGHAZI that's what happened.  

Sgt. La David T. Johnson was the fourth

So what about the 4 Green Berets killed in Niger? Trump or Pence haven't even Tweeted about them and it's almost a week. These guys are elite so perhaps Trump is angry at them for wasting all that money all those years training them. I only like soldiers that don't get captured or killed. 

It's funny at the selective outrage. NFL players take a knee to raise awareness for police brutality that is a real thing. You can say that as many whites get killed by the police as blacks do and I'll say ... is that a fucken good thing to be bragging about? More blacks than white get jailed so figure that crazy shit out. 

Many white people get pulled over for driving while black? Only white people deny there is a problem, odd that. 

The Trump admin love their flag, anthem and the military ... they also love the Confederate flag, that crappy Rolling Stones you can't always get what you want song and only straight, white, male alive military. 

They like unborn babies ... once they've been born they can fuck off and stop being a drain of resources. They like Viagra for their failing cocks but not female contraceptives.  

 That was great, I'd love to stay but I'm outraged ... laters!

Pence was in Vegas telling the victims of the shooting to suck it up because the 2nd Amendment means freedom! He then flew to Indiana for the game but we all know he had no intention of staying. 

Trump even Tweeted that he had told his boy to leave once those uppity Negroes NFL players exercised their protected American rights to protest. You know, the rights that people have fought and died for. 

Pence had a fundraiser to attend in LA anyways so of course he wasn't staying. The whole diva stunt cost the taxpayer over $200,000 but at least Puerto Rico didn't get that money. How can they be dying? Trump didn't see any bodies. 

Just look at what Fox is talking about and that's what Trump wants you to hear. Those disrespectful NFL players, Hillary's e-mails, dirty dick Weinstein, how gun control doesn't work and of course WAR with North Korea. 

No disasters unless it's white people and certainly not the passive aggressive war with Russia. 

If in doubt attack Liberals, blame shift and play the victim. Instead of a glib insincere Tweet about the 4 fallen heroes Trump Tweets how great the stock market is and that he should get more TV time because everyone is out to get him.  

Perhaps they wouldn't be against you if you and your admin didn't get on like it was the last days at Versailles before the people rose up and cut some heads off. 

Instead of giving tax breaks to the well off, taking healthcare away from children, trying to deport Dreamers, Muslims, Transgenders and late night talk show hosts or ignoring dying Americans because they have funny accents ... just saying like ... you aren't gonna get many fans if you get on like a spoiled semi-retarded toddler that has always wanted to see a nuke explode. 

Selective outrage ignoring facts. This is why Liberals fail. Liberals get constantly surprised at how the right can be such wankers and how they bask in the glow of constant impotent rage. 

Like Internet trolls the liberal media and those on social media always take the bait and before they know it nothing has been done except a load of distraction from more quiet things. 

Like all propaganda look at what they aren't talking about and don't fall for the hot topic subjects. 

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The Next American Rebellion

After the shooting in Vegas the various riled up keyboard warriors looking for justice condemned all that was shooty and screamed TERRORIST! The 2nd Amendment supporters also turned up cos hey they didn't know any of the dead so who cares? 

The right for US citizens to bear arms in a well trained militia so that there will never be a tyrannical government in control, it gives people the option to rebel and kill the lot of them. It's one of those checks and balances that doesn't really work.

After a couple of hundred years we're more civilized and shit indoors and stuff. The musket and cannon are no longer the weapons used. We've got nukes, drones, ICBM's and semi/fully automatic rifles. Killing each other has never been easier or more convenient.

My valid and always correct point is that civvies don't need military grade weapons because there is no way they could defeat a modern day military. Could yer civilian semi-automatic AR-15 save you from a drone or a tank? A civilian militia of fat farm fed mommy's boys would be fucken useless. Um yeah I've never been in a fight and don't exercise but I could take on the Navy SEALs any day.

Bear Bundy and his slack jawed brother Cleetus say down with the Feds! 

Remember the Bundy's? The brave patriots that took over an empty nature reserve. They vowed to fight to the death then started crying about missing home and complaining that people were laughing at them and sending them dildos.

Don't forget Christopher Cantrell or the Crying Nazi as he's been called. All I wanted to do was march around Charlottesville like a tough guy chanting Jews will not replace us while carrying my concealed firearm but the mean liberals hounded me and now I have to go into hiding and cry on Youtube, I'm sooo afraid. I'm just a goddamned human being leave me alone.

For fucks sake, even yer armed Nazis are pussies America. Who is it exactly that is going to rise up and take or fire the first bullet?

The person who was talking to me said that many in the military would defy orders and side with the people refusing to open fire. Sometimes US police look more like soldiers and it's probably them you really have to worry about.

A soldier refusing to fire at civilians. What kind of shite soldiers are they? A US Marine wouldn't question orders their brainwashing is the best. They didn't join up to have opinions and share their feelings for fucks sake.

If it got to the point of soldiers opening fire on civilians you can bet that the civilians would be demonized by then. Look at Black Lives Matter and Antifa, they are this close to being named as terrorist groups by the government.

Look at these fucken subversives 

If you listen to Trump he denounces women in pussy hats and anyone that says no to him. Scientists against climate change need to be hanged. That bitch in Puerto Rico begging for her people to be saved ... what a loser.

Is this the new normal? If you challenge it you'll be called a Libtard snowflake or the *hard left* whatever the fuck that is.

Things don't go down like bam! you have soldiers or police facing against civilians, it happens gradually.  

The Boston massacre happened during increasing tensions. British soldiers firing into civilians. They did a lot of that in the 1700's with the Irish and the Scottish but that was ethnic cleansing rather than just keeping the peace. Redcoats were good at following orders.

The Kent State shootings that killed 4 students protesting the Vietnam war in 1970 or in Northern Ireland The Ballymurphy Massacre of 1971 that killed 11 or the Bloody Sunday shootings in 1972 killing 14. 

Such modern day outrage that this couldn't happen is childlike and stupid. Of course it could happen again open your eyes. Soldiers don't grow a backbone and an independent personality like in the movies, it's bro peer pressure at its best .... we were just following orders dude.   

Trials of soldiers charged with murder from shooting people with baton rounds (plastic bullets) in the 70's is still going on in Northern Ireland. They make up stories like the 14 year-old boy was about to throw something so I shot him in the head ... like modern day Israel I suppose. 

Catalonia wanted a referendum for independence. Spain didn't them to vote. The government declared the vote illegal and the police went in with batons and plastic bullets to stop people from voting ... not to stop rioting but to stop voting. 

Catalan firefighters tried to protect people by forming a chain but police just beat them too. It didn't take much to make the police behave like this, just a few orders. 

You can be armed if you want but how is having deadly shooting sprees in schools, cinema's, clubs and concerts every other month keeping you free? Seems to me that this great US experiment is only killing people and the NRA and gun makers are the ones getting rich and staying alive. 

Guns haven't made the US any safer, unarmed people get killed by cops & whack jobs every day. 

Guns have made the US even more frightened, owning them or the fear that someone else owns one. Even with guns modern day Americans couldn't rise up.  

*Decent people that will knock out your teeth if you get on like a dick*