Tuesday, 21 March 2017

When The Leader Of The Free World Met Donald Trump

Trump using humor and playing the fool, he excels at the latter. 

Trump has been a harsh critic of Angela Merkel. He has gone as far as saying that she is ruining Germany. The average life expectancy rate is 2 years more in Germany than in the US ... ah socialist medicine. Don't worry, he's promised great healthcare to all Americans so we'll expect the average American to reach 80 years of age in no time.

He has denounced her accepting huge amounts of refugees but the US has a large ocean separating them from the places they bomb and doesn't have any other plan on how to help them so he can fuck away off. If you just leave them to suffer and die they'll give you more trouble. People don't like being treated like shit for some reason. 

Trump has also denounced nations that don't pay the requirements for being in NATO and Germany is one of them. 

They first shook hands and while Trump loves the close to body handshake he lost out on dominance with her hand being on top and a confident and steady gaze. His mental process no doubt started to unravel here as he is used to fawning women and being able to tell them what to do. 

Unlike Theresa May there was going to be no hand holding here. 

 WTF Donald? 

Trump gave away his dominance of the two even more by trying to use humor. He said, "As far as wiretapping, I guess, by this past administration, at least we have something in common perhaps."

Merkel was tapped by Obama (not in that way) in 2010. It was an international incident because while all nations spy on each other getting caught in such a big way was stupid. This was a massive insult to Germany and to Merkel herself .... and still not really a laughing matter. 

Next up, 'how many Jews can you fit into a microwave oven? .... none because the CIA are in there.'  

Merkel's body language is professional. She hates his guts but she is civil. She relaxes and leans her body towards him and has her outer leg towards him. Trump is on the edge of his seat ready to be combative. Merkel and the media have him climbing the walls, there is no comfort zone for him here. 
The press shouted for a handshake and he sat there stony faced not answering. Merkel was heard saying, 'I think they want us to shake hands' but he ignored her. Those fake news people weren't going to tell him what to do.

He's shaken hands before and has been harshly mocked over it. The Japanese really don't like to be touched and Trump not only shakes their hands but places his other hand on top to show who is in charge. Mr Abe, you're having the meatloaf .... bitch! 

His handshake with the second coming Trudeau spawned a million memes. Trump cannot control handshakes and fails at intimacy,  he is aggressive when it comes to touching others, even his own family. He only gives hugs for the camera but I bet he punches his wife on the shoulder in private. "Fantastic honey I'll be in DC, love ya too buh bye" ::: thump:::  

Merkel speaks good English but doesn't speak stupid very well. A German reporter questioned Trump on why he hates diversity and called his policies isolationism. Trump kept saying how he is a trader, a fair trader a good trader .... yes, it did sound like traitor. 

He then questioned where the reporter got such ideas and maybe she was reading fake news. Merkel cast some shade at Trump for that one. If looks could kill. 

Yeah cutting foreign aid (except to Israel) trying to ban Muslims and wanting to build a wall. How the fuck do you get isolationism from that? 

They shook hands at the end with Merkel and her steel like gaze fixing him like a deer in the headlights, her hand turned to be on top too.

It's the little things that we might not even notice but registers on some level. In the TV show Billions a female astronaut shook hands with a therapist who was to evaluate her. The therapist noticed the strong confident handshake as asked if it was on purpose, the astronaut said, "you tell me." 

Later she admits her father taught her to give a firm handshake as she would be working with a lot of males and had to display strength.      

Merkel also met with business leaders including the First Lady Trump's daughter Ivanka who no doubt was only there to line her pockets with deals like the ones she has made with China and Japan. 

Germany beat austerity with a surplus of products and they still need the US to buy their stuff. I have every faith in Angela Merkel that she'll get a fair deal from these traitors traders or she'll tell them to fuck off and make it work some other way. 

Trump no doubt loaves meeting with confident world leaders that he can't buddy around with. Even the Irish PM spoke up about the importance of immigrants to the US. Trump is losing and the more he loses the more he says he's winning and the more he needs ego feeding rallies and golf weekends. 

He isn't a diplomat and his people aren't either, and it's showing. He can only bullshit his voters and once the cuts kick in they'll be catching on too. 

The score: Merkel - 4  Trump - 0 


Monday, 20 March 2017

Decoding Trump And His Wire Tapp

It's all in the wording. Trump used the excuse by saying that Obama "Wire Tapped" Trump Tower but by being in quotes meant a general sort of wire tapping or surveillance. Like when your sibling stands in your door way annoying you and says "mom said not to go into your room so I'm not, na na na".

Without admitting that you make shit up you then back up your claim by saying it was widely reported upon which doesn't really mean anything.  They say that a lot.  

If you use quotation marks as an excuse don't forget those times when you didn't

Trump then insisted that an investigation must be started as a distraction from his healthcare bill and Jeff Sessions being a traitor. That panel said they have not seen any evidence of a wire tap from US sources that means they are being polite and not calling you a liar, that doesn't mean you accuse GCHQ of doing it. 

Not only didn't Obama wire tap Trump Tower but he didn't get a foreign power to do it either. GCHQ issued a statement with the words, 'utterly ridiculous' which is very strong language for the English. In basic American friendly terms it would be more of a 'are you fucking high? I'm this close to knocking 10 shades of shite out of you dickhead.'  

If they had said 'bloody ridiculous' then the SAS would probably be burning out the White House like in 1812.

Remember Angela Merkel? Yeah Obama tapped that. In 2010 he ordered a tap on Merkel's phone and GCHQ helped him to do it. 

Now think about Trump ... yeah I know it's not pleasant but he fills the news cycle, you can try to ignore him but then you'd be living in denial like how we pretend not to see hobo's because dirty boak beards are gross. Or like how Russia and Iran don't have poofters.  

Trump is a malignant narcissist, imagine his horror when the likes of Obama ...  a durty Muslim from Kenya can't even be arsed to wire tap him. 

Why isn't everything about me thinks Trump, cos everything is about Old Knudsen you fucktard, that's why. The only reason why Old Knudsen hasn't achieved werld wide fame is because the gods conspire against him ... fucken gods and their jealousy of perfection huh? ... they will pay! Sad!

Well like I was sayin, a fucken malignant narcissist.  


Saturday, 18 March 2017

How I Trolled Trump

Why did I come to America? Fuck my life even my shamrocks are sad.

Not able to go to the St Patrick's day parade/stagger in the centre of Belfast due to the weather I stayed at home, drinking and tweeting until I hated myself that much less. I'm old and I have a cold so I'm no going to brave the elements for something lame. It's Northern Ireland, of course it'll be lame, you'll no get BeyoncĂ© for fucks sake ... she's an example of someone famous as I'm sure someone likes her. 

Trump met with the Irish Prime (Tee-Shock in gheylick) Minister Enda Kenny. He quoted an old Irish proverb which as it turned out was a verse from a poem by a Nigerian poet. He then put up on Twitter a slideshow of his Kenny meeting with Amazing Grace being played on the bagpipes. 

 I'm a leprechaun!

Americans are fucken useless at being Irish, they confuse Irish, Scotch and Scottish all the time. Most of them claim Irish ancestry but don't know from which part of Ireland. Imagine telling a Texan yer from California, how unimpressed would they be?  

We're tribal and surnames and clans are important. We don't hold kinship with those fucken hobbits in the next shire, those lot are cunts! We are that western saloon that comes to a halt when a stranger walks in. 

Amazing Grace is an English song and Irish Uilleann pipes sound different to bagpipes. Plot twist, we don't eat corned beef and cabbage either. St Paddy's day is an excuse to drink ... not that we need an excuse but it lessens the self imposed guilt and denial of being alcoholics. 

It used to be holy to yon Fenian cocksuckers but now it's a partay! If you are sober then you aren't Irish.  

So yes I mercilessly trolled Trump. He is much hated in Ireland so I reckon this is the last time that Kenny will ever get elected. He is obviously hated in Scotland too. I suppose to us Americans being Irish is like white folk talking about their Cherokee heritage, unless you have the papers and know the family tree then most native Americans will roll their eyes. 

Yeah you wear a war bonnet for the fancy dress party just like all the real injuns do huh. Oh sorry, we call them indigenous savages now to be PC. 

Trump doesn't have friends in Ireland. If anyone likes him here then they are very drunk pedos and probably need a boot in the balls. 

In case you don't speak the gheylick I told him to suck my dick.  


Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Erdogan Has Been Expecting You

President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan has been getting on like a right old Bond villain. I don't mean the 50,000 people that have been rounded up during a made up suspicious coup attempt last year including 2,839 soldiers, 99 of them Generals or the 2,745 judges, political rivals and media.  

Erdogan is fucken paranoid and blames Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen who is in self-imposed exile in Pennsyvlania. He has demanded that the US hands him over but doesn't give them any proof of guilt ... that's what people do now, they blame someone without evidence and hope that their outrage is enough.

Even though Erdogan is cementing his power by using the excuse of the coup to get rid of all opposition he is holding a referendum that will give him even more power. He has said he wants a system in place that is closer to what the US has. What a scary concept that the US system is the system of choice for tyrants.

There are vast numbers of Turkish ex-pats in Germany and the Netherlands and he wanted to hold rallies for them to secure their support. The German and Dutch governments have problems with far right groups and the last thing they want is thousands of hyped up Muslims in the streets, it's all kinds of bad for them.
They both turned down Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu to hold rallies to which he described the Netherlands as the "capital of fascism."  

Erdogan has called both Germany and the Netherlands "Nazis" which is pretty rich coming from him. 

And look who he's become besties with. They met in January and again a few days ago. No wonder he was saying to the Netherlands that he'll teach them about democracy. Russia knows all about western democracy. 

Funny that Erdogan and Putin suddenly became buds a month after the assassination of Russia's ambassador to Turkey. The assassin had been a part of the security detail for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on eight occasions ... Coincidence I'm sure.  

Russia has lifted many sanctions from Turkey that it had imposed after Turkey shot down a Russian jet on the Syrian border. This new era of friendship is strange and out of character, almost as if they've started to align for greater power to carve up the Middle East along with Iran. 

There are US bases in Turkey and while Erdogan tends to play all sides he keeps leaning towards kicking the Americans out. Then again overseas military bases are always a great source to get intel from, oh those lonely service personnel.  

Turkey can do fuck all to the Netherlands but Russia is a cert to meddle in their elections . Geert Wilders wants to make the Netherlands great again. They will also meddle in the French and German elections soon. 

You may see a lone gunman taking out a Dutch diplomat or something though, claiming it's for disrespect against Turkey. 


Monday, 13 March 2017

Don't Pee On My Leg And Tell Me It's Raining

At the moment all the horrible illegal aliens that Trump has ordered deported go and sit in fenced off pens for no more than 72 hrs before being sent to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras or wherever. There isn't any heating but the Trump admin isn't cruel, they give them Mylar blankets and pads to lie on.

 Happy children

It just shows you how progressive Hitler was and yet he gets denounced or some crazy shit by the haters.Trump plans to build more detention centers for immigrants. If you have some cash to invest I've got one werd: "immigrants" private prisons are all the rage too. Trump's friends have shares in those and they make money by getting stipends from the government. Money making is like a yuge circle jerk that gives me flashbacks to Haliburton.  

I'm not sure where the extra money will cum from. Will these centers be built the same time as the wall, hows that coming along by the way? ... oh wait it's not. I've already predicted a wall a mile or two long and a photo op.  

Will all these centers not become redundant once there is a wall keeping immigrants out? 50 judges have been sent to the detention centers to clear up the massive back logs.

Working as a border agent you have dangerous shifts that take you away from home for a month at a time makes it difficult for the US border agency to fill their ranks at the moment.

Many fail the polygraph used in the hiring process in fact 2 out of 3 fail it. 10,000 new positions as Trump wants sounds impossible to fill. Army veterans are the best fit for the jobs but if you remember they did start scrapping the bottom of the barrel to fill military fodder roles so would they pass the vetting or will all those standards be lowered too?

The shit about lowering standards in order to let women serve in combat roles but for guys, yeah that's ok cos they are manly men. 

Maybe they should hire foreigners. On the subject of women in combat, a Marine D.I. said that the person next to you is a Marine and when shit hits the fan you don't care about gender, race or religion.

This Trump supporter probably has guns too.

Old Knudsen understands the need to know who is coming to your cuntry, it's a no brainer. Just as you should know who is living in your cuntry.  All these Trumpflakes afraid of Muslim terrorists and Mexican rapists will spend life hating and fearing and then will probably die from heart disease, cancer or their fellow American.

  You look better in this picture, you're still a 4 but now you're quickly becoming a 3 ... sad! 

The fear of immigrants stems from chronic dissatisfaction and our tribal tendencies. We have shit wrong in our lives .... no don't blame the government lets blame an easy target cos educated rich white people are my people ... though I work at digging ditches for $5 an hour.

Being and sounding uneducated has been a boon for Trump. A billionaire of the people. 

The Trump, Brexit, National Front, Britain First or whatever supporter think they have a grasp on what ails their nation because that is what they've been told. Quite happy for the swamp not to get drained as long as they like those in charge. Collusion with foreign powers, perjury, bare faced lies on buses ... so what? It's obviously the fault of the immigrants.

Will Trump muck in and do a few border security shifts or will his bone spurs come back and prevent him?

The Trump admin has to find money for their wall and their defense increase. Difficult to do. Trump's ego is writing checks that the country can't pay. That's why he's using figures from the economy Obama made to make us think we're doing better under him. He hates others to think he's less well off than he is.

Judges and States are slapping down his Muslim travel ban and his deportation of illegal immigrants. Officials in LA are telling ICE to stop putting police on their jackets and to stop telling people they are police as it messes up years of work in the community trying to build trust.    

Sean Spicer let his deputy field the questions over Trump's wire tapp (the new spelling) and you could tell that she didn't believe what she was trying to defend.

Spicer had a press conference and it was noted that his American flag pin was upside down, that's a signal of distress. Oh sure he fixed it and said it was an accident but his rescue note says otherwise.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Wikileaks Is The Enemy Of The People

Oh good, the schools are getting out ... all those sexy children

Australian rapist Julian Ass-ange is a cunt, I've never liked him. Old Knudsen is a good judge of character, go with that or not it's your loss. He's still hiding in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London rather than go to Sweden. They (right wing cunts) may call Sweden the rape capital of Europe but that's not because it has more rapes, it's because they'll fucken well go after you and take that shit seriously. 

    Skpying with a friend who I blurred out to protect his privacy

Wikileaks lost relevance and have had to beg for funding during Assange's exile years in the embassy, things were looking bad. 
Then in 2016 they somehow amazingly had the resources to hack the DNC. More impressively they had the resources to collate the information and then parcel it out just at the right time in order to do the most damage to Hillary. 
I had put Assange down as an egomaniac loser but no, he has the ability that only a world leading government would have. His talent and skills totally match the NSA, CIA, MI6 .... or even the FSB. I don't know how he pulled it off it would need teams of people, not just plebs but highly trained people working around the clock.    

That takes training, skills and lots of money so well done to Assange and some spotty teenager in an Internet cafe. 

The latest amazing from out of nowhere dump came in the form of evidence that shows the CIA can get around most encryption programs and have been watching me you masturbate in front of yer Samsung TV . US and British intelligence agencies came up with a program called Weeping Angel which is a cool name for it. 

A lot of this isn't new info but the details are new. Remember when the Feds wanted Apple to decrypt the San Bernardino shooter's phone? Snowden said they already could do it but when they failed to get a court order to force Apple to open it they suddenly could decrypt it .... Snowden knew. 

Yeah we know that most operating systems have back doors built into them but people like to think they are safe. The messaging system Signal, as used by the White House was found to be compromised forcing Sean Spicer to ban everyone from using it. One of the most secure areas in the world.

Best book ever, it changed my whole outlook so now I grab life by the pussy

All this shit came from Wikileaks .... certainly not any foreign government. Oh that's right it probably did. Hard to get definite proof when it all goes through the Ecuadorian Embassy. The tons of bots blasting out links and hashtags have been traced back to Russia though. It all mounts up into attacks on several fronts. 

The Russians know all this shit because they rely on morons like Trump and Spicer who know nothing about cyber security.  Hey just pop this USB drive into a secure system General Flynn

Then there was Nigel Farage ... the man of the people. Just after the latest Wiki dump he decided to visit the Ecuadorian Embassy, maybe he just wanted to congratulate them on years of human rights abuse. He spent 40 minutes there and then when asked why he was there he said he couldn't remember. You aren't on trial yet ya cunt. 

Assange and Farage, two of the biggest nubble buffers you can get. Old Knudsen really dislikes the two of them. They no doubt tell themselves it's all for the greater good but in reality they are petty, greedy little men.

Farage works for Trump and of course they all work for Putin. You have these people conspiring against anyone that stands in their way. Discredit the intelligence community and your erratic behaviour seems more justified. They can't find the leaks so we're going to stop talking to them. Trump didn't talk to the FBI over his claims that Obama hacked him. He could have cleared it up with a phone call but oh no, he wants the theater of an investigation.  

It's like that film The Usual Suspects with us trying to figure out who Vladimir Putin is. 

Trumpflakes scream about Muslims taking over with their Sharia law and totally dismiss the idea of the Russians being the big bad because ... MUSLIMS!!!!!!!! They'll eat us all and force us to pray to Allah. 

American politics is better than a reality show

I keep telling them to grow a pair for fucks sake but they are already too afraid. The Russians were living in New York when 9/11 hit and most people didn't know it and they still don't. Destabilize Europe and now the US, they've been 2 steps ahead of us all this time. Well played Putin, 17 years in power has taught you well. 

How amazingly cruel and would you have to be to remain in power for 17 years in a country with allegedly free elections? Putin thinks he is the only man strong enough to lead and the only thing he fears is a coup or revolution. He's just fucking with the rest of the world for kicks and to show who the daddy is. 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Obama Did Tap Trump Tower

You had a late night again watching Fox News and reading blogs disguised as news sites and you have a bad dream. The usual one in which you are running from black men with machetes and as you run you try to use your cell phone to call for help but keep missing the numbers, then you see Vladimir Putin standing with yer father laughing and pointing at you and your father says, "you were always a disappointment Donald, be a man for once" just then you wake up in a cold sweat. You reach to your wife for comfort just to remember how she hates you and that she's 1000 miles away in New York.  

It's 4:30am so you might as well get up. The dream sticks with you and as you sit there half way through yet another difficult morning glory you realize you forgot to bring in your phone. You sit there alone with yourself hoping that another weekend full of golf and sun at tax payer's expense will take your mind off things.

Then it comes to you. The one thing your racist father always told you - 'blame a the blacks' how could everyone know about the secret Russian meetings? What else do they know? My distractions are cunning as fuck how could they not believe that a failed businessman reality TV star could win the presidential campaign on his own amazing merits?

Weak Obama and sick crooked Hillary proof of Trump Tower tapping

They must have tapped Trump Tower! Bro-Bart News said there was a black man near Trump Tower just before the election (Kanye, Carson?) It all makes sense now, I'd better shout for help.  "Ivanka honey this is your president speaking, bring me in my phone I have urgent business to do as I do my business."

Must fire off 5 frantic tweets all about Obama tapping Trump Tower .... blah blah blah Obama's fault, blah blah blah must be an investigated, blah blah blah poor me.

"Dad you misspelled 'witch' you'd better delete it before someone takes a screenshot of it."  

'Ivanka, what a lovely name. My name is Barry Smith from the phone company I just need to check that your phones are working ok .... yes I do look familiar, I get that a lot from white people.'

Blaming the blacks has always been popular when you can't hang it on the Jews. In 1989 Trump blamed 5  black and Latino teens for a Central park rape. He took out ads in the New York Times demanding they get the death penalty. They were forced to sign confessions by the police and after 7 years in prison the real rapist who was in prison for rape and murder came forward and the 5 were released.  

In 1995 Susan Smith said she was car jacked by 2 black men who ditched her car in a river drowning her two young sons who were strapped into their seats in the back. She herself did it as she thought the guy she was having an affair with dumped her because of her having kids. 

Do we really need wire taps to know what Trump is thinking? He tells us his every wacky thought on Twitter or blurts it out in interviews, it really isn't that difficult. 

He has respect for the military and the intelligence community, he supports law enforcement ... but he calls the troops losers, the spooks liars and doesn't trust the Feds unless they back up his conspiracy theories.  

Yeah I think I have him pretty well read. His decline into worsening mental health will be very public.

Trump promises American jobs for pipelines but everyone knows that Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich will be supplying the steel because the US companies bought the steel ages ago and it's been lying around as they tried to get a deal so no one wants it now. You can't negotiate when the deal has already been done.

India and Russia are the only other options and luckily Trump knows many Russians.

His whole family knows Russians. The one thing Trump hates more than anyone suggesting he isn't as successful than he says he is, is connecting his people to the Russians, it will be his downfall unless he can spin his way out of it.   

Jeff Sessions meeting with the Russian ambassador and lying about it under oath ... not good. Trump needs Sessions in place as he'd be the one that oversees any investigations. The people around you need to be dirty if they are too do your dirty deeds.

Trump also needs his travel ban 2.0 to get approved and for his Trumpcare which is Obama lite, he needs that not to get looked at too closely. Hence the distractions of the wire taps with zero proof to back up his wild early Sunday morning claims.

Keep shouting about an investigation and how it must be true because everyone is reporting on it .... they are all saying what crazy bullshit it is by the way.

How many inappropriate and not very presidential claims, accusations and insults can he make? 

 Not a real tweet but similar enough

With that distraction in place dominating the news cycle and drowning out everything else with his own narrative he then fires off 5 manic tweets saying how great Exxon are.
They say they are investing billions and creating jobs just like how Trump says he'll create jobs, look after the miners, lock up Hillary oh and build a wall.

Exxonmobil don't just invest and create jobs out of the goodness of their cold black hearts. Tell me when you've actually done all that, talk is cheap.

 I love you sexy Rexy, here, have a medal

Make Exxon the heroes and make them look good and before you know it ex-Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson has lifted Russian sanctions enough for Exxon to drill on the 63 million acres they've leased in Russia. The drilling will create jobs .... somehow, well for the Russians at least.

It always gravitates back to Russia. The Obama admin tried the reset button on US/Russian relations but that never took. They even tried with Iran but that never took either. The rival nations accuse the US of trying to take over with their American blue jeans and coca cola ... you just can't win.

Now Iranian boats are playing chicken with US and British warships in the straits of Hormuz, a Russian spy ship is off the Delaware coast just floating about, Sweden have brought back military conscription to counter Russian aggression, 800 British soldiers are in Estonia for the same and China has increased defense spending by 7% just after Trump declared his defense rise.

 He tapped Trump Tower but he didn't do it alone

What dominates the news? OBAMA TAPPED TRUMP TOWER!!!!!  How fucken stupid do you have to be? I'm insulted he thinks it's so easy to distract us but Old Knudsen sees everything.


Thursday, 2 March 2017

Cambridge Analytica Knows What You Did Last Summer

Just because you aren't introspective doesn't mean that others haven't picked you apart psychologically

This post is not conspiracy, it isn't science fiction either. It's a rabbit hole so deep and complex that I can't tell you everything or you'd be overwhelmed and would miss the message.

It isn't just the Russians that focus vast resources on hacking and the controlled leaking of information. Sure they do it and even have an Information Warfare Unit with the goal of destabilizing the EU, NATO and their main rival the US.

You collect information, exploit weaknesses and create your own narrative. This is what you do and others have been doing it and are doing it now. You've helped them to do it too by creating accounts and with your activity online.  

Cambridge Analytica is a company that uses data mining and data analysis to predict outcomes and to direct public perceptions towards to a desired agenda. 

This is used in marketing for brand recognition and to tailor ads to the customer going by sites they've visited, purchases they've made and even every single fucken LIKE they've ever made on social media. This isn't new, we know our information gets passed around like a hooker that hasn't lost their looks yet. We get cold calls from people trying to sell us shit and we get spam e-mails. 

Cambridge Analytica takes ALL your information and analyses it from Face Book, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, PornHub ... if you are online they can get your info. They can track you around the world and build a profile on you. 

     Alexander Nix CEO Cambridge Analytica

It isn't just marketing to sell you products, this technology is also used to to influence voting. Cambridge Analytica's parent company SCL (Strategic Communication Laboratories) Group is known for its military disinformation campaigns and since 1994 has been involved in 25 international elections. They help the military and politicians study and manipulate public opinion. They have influenced elections in Italy, Latvia, Ukraine, Albania, Romania, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Mauritius, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Colombia, Antigua, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, St. Kitts & Nevis, Trinidad & Tobago.

In 2012 it entered the US and was involved in 44 congressional, US Senate and state-level elections. Cambridge Analytica was used by Ted Cruz but when they saw that Trump was the more successful candidate and they changed over to him.

His poker face

Meet Robert Mercer, a computer scientist and co-CEO of the hedge fund Renaissance Technologies. The Billionaire heavily funds Cambridge Analytica and was the single biggest donor for the 2016 presidential election. 

Mercer has worked with Stephen Bannon over the years on Breitbart, Reclaim New York and the Government Accountability Institute. Bannon is also on the board of Cambridge Analytica. Mercer's daughter Rebekah worked with Kellyanne Conway. They helped those two get top jobs in Trump's admin.

      That moment when you sober up enough and think, shit, the president has a fucken mullet

Mercer is Conservative, not just a hate poor people like war Conservative but one that spends millions against the threat known as the Liberal agenda. Rich people only hate Political Correctness because doing the right thing gets in the way of what they are doing. The right thing does not make money, someone has to suffer. 

You can see the US Constitution as a Liberal agenda if you will with the all men created equal thing and the rights given out in it. Lofty Liberal ideals which many find too hard to live up to so they pervert the meaning of it and before you know it a well regulated militia turns into every civvie lard ass with a loaded assault rifle. 

By assault rifle I mean a rifle that could easily be used by the military. I'm sure the Founding fathers did not mean for this to happen. They didn't trust the people enough with votes hence the Electoral College but they'd trust them with semi-automatic weapons ... I don't think so. 

The Liberal agenda is equality, mutual respect and not being douche bags. Mercer, Nix, Bannon, Miller, Tillerson,Trump can not be anything but douche bags who want to lay down their law. 
 The Brex Pistols as they call themselves.

Raheem Kassam on the right is an ex Nigel Farage adviser. He tried to become leader of Ukip but dropped out, now he is the Editor in Chief of Breitbart News London.

Arron Banks with the poppy is a millionaire that funded the Leave EU campaign. He paid for all sorts of propaganda from page headlines to billboards. Cambridge Analytica advised Ukip and the Leave campaign for free. Mercer has been a friend of Farage for years. 

Gerry Gunster on the far left (that's the only far left he's on) is Washington political strategist who has worked on many US referendums with a claimed 90% success rate. He's not someone that you usually see as he prefers to be in the background pulling the strings.

Andy Wigmore between Farage and Kassam is the communications director of Leave.eu. Otherwise known as a media guru. He knows that with every speech given there are key words that have to be used. Wigmore met with Trump's team at the start of the Leave Campaign, Jared Kushner and Jason Miller the then  communications director knew these AI programs were the holy grail to be able to judge and invoke reactions in the public. 

Pay more attention to the phrases that trend on social media. Someone just doesn't sit there in their mom's basement and say, "hey that sounds catchy I'd better do a hashtag." 

So yes Cambridge Analytica aided Brexit. Brittany Kaiser, an employee of Cambridge Analytica was even at Leave EU press conferences to explain the technology behind the campaign. 

The Democratic Unionist party DUP in Northern Ireland spent £282,000 on a pro-Brexit ad in a Newspaper in England. The paper isn't even sold in Northern Ireland. Because of The Troubles there is less transparency with donations or how to spend it. 
A group of businessmen from the CRC, Constitutional Research Council gave £425,000 to the DUP. This group is quite mysterious and only Richard Cook a wealthy Conservative Brexitard is the only name known. 

An anonymous group giving thousands to spend elsewhere, very fucken dodgy huh. That sums up the whole Brexit campaign, dodgy as fuck lies. 

 "Today in the United States we have somewhere close to four or five thousand data points on every individual. ... So we model the personality of every adult across the United States, some 230 million people."
— Alexander Nix (Chief Executive, Cambridge Analytica), October 2016

These are real people spending millions to shift public perceptions and influence opinion. In the military it's called  psyops ... psychological operations. Mass propaganda that works by acting on people’s emotions.

Look at the stock market. When something happens or even when Trump tweets the money people get worried and stocks dive. Moods worldwide can be effected and changed. We run on emotion. 

Don't you even wonder why things like immigration, ISIS, Hillary's e-mails and every little thing Trump does becomes so overwhelming in trending and news feeds? It's like nothing else exists. The media plays into this by thinking that this is obviously the big story to cover and that everyone is talking about it. 

A bill to strip funding gets quietly passed while everyone is freaking out over what Trump has tweeted about. 

Trump and Bannon spoke at CPAC and they gave out some of their evil plan but did any of it trend? The biggest story was how they were trolled into waving Russian flags. 

Breitbart opened in London in 2014 and with the up and coming European elections, France and Germany are next for a Breitbart expansion. 

There is also a war of the bots.  Before the EU referendum one third of Twitter traffic was automated bots. Before the US election for every one bot there were 5 bots in favour of Trump and many of those were Russian in origin. 
Russian bots were just recently used in a smear campaign against a Ukip politician during the by-election in Stoke that he lost. 

These bots are automated and programmed to look and act like people, to change the conversation or to make topics trend. 

Hundreds and hundreds of bots blasting out links just before the US elections, also hundreds of websites set up to blast out the same message.  All these voices that seem to be people agreeing with Trump just herding along public opinion. 

There are sleeper bots that remain dormant with a Twitter account until needed to Tweet all at once and that's it until next time. 

Old Knudsen has seen what looks like Twitter accounts that retweet month old stories and they keep cycling them. Many of the troll techniques did start in Russia then moved to everywhere else. 

Twitter, Google and Face Book can manipulate reality and what information you read with their algorithms.  

All of this requires lots of money and resources and those behind Cambridge Analytica/SCL sure have it. The bots blasting out links, the websites giving you fake news about Hillary, immigrants or whatever they want. All with the aim to sway your thinking and to dominate what people are talking about and of course to drown out everyone else.  

The whole repeating a lie until it becomes truth thing. Misspoke? Nope they are just floating an idea that someone will believe and that someone will repeat and so on. In the world of customer complaints the average dissatisfied customer will tell 9-10 other people, often more. 

Most people think they are too strong or smart to be swayed, those are the people who think they can't be hypnotized and end up clucking like a chicken, those are the people that think rich elitist people can be trusted because they speak for the average person. Both Nigel Farage and Trump have been called 'the man of the people' if that's the case then the people are cunts.    

If you are online then the chances are that you've been profiled and categorized by an AI program. This is happening now.